Is this Iceland’s most expensive beer?

A bottle of limited-edition Icelandic beer sold for ISK 300,000 (approx. €2,150) at an auction on the Westman Islands last weekend.

Just twelve bottles of the special ‘Togarinn’ beer were made by the Brothers Brewery on the islands – one of Iceland’s smallest breweries.

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It was sold at an auction at a ball celebrating Sailor’s Day in Iceland over the weekend. It was bought by the Ufsakalli Invitational charity golf tournament and the money will go to the Icelandic Cancer Society.

The beer is named after Ragnar Þór Jóhansson, an Icelandic sailor nicknamed ‘Raggi togari’ (togari = trawler in Icelandic), whose mother died of cancer. This was the reason the cancer association was chosen to receive the money.

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One more bottle will be auctioned off this weekend, while the other bottles went to the Einsi Kaldi restaurant in the Westman Islands (‘Vestmannaeyjar’) and the Hólar beer festival last weekend.

There are no plans to brew any more ‘Togarinn’ beer, but master brewer Jóhann Guðmundsson hints that other beer from the Brothers Brewery will be available not just in the Westman Islands, but also in Reykjavik for the first time later this month.

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But they are not looking at retail. “We prefer to be in a smaller market, making good, tasty beer in small quantities for restaurants rather than producing bigger quantities for retail,” says Guðmundsson.




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