Old Herjólfur, back in harbor.

Busy Day for Rescue Workers

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Gloves can be handy.

Children Save Lives of Lost Pufflings

22 Aug 2021 The season most cherished by the children of Vestmannaeyjar islands has started.

The ferry Herjólfur.

Major Advantages to Running Ferry on Electricity

28 Nov 2020 The Vestmannaeyjar islands ferry Herjólfur runs smoothly on electricity, resulting in major fuel cost savings.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Beluga Sisters’ First Swim in Klettsvík Cove: Video

3 Oct 2020 The beluga whales Litla-Hvít and Litla-Grá (Little White and Little Grey) took their first swim in their new sanctuary home in Klettsvík, Vestmannaeyjar Islands, earlier this week.

Mjaldrarnir komnir til Klettsvíkur

Belugas Move into 32,000-m2 Home in Klettsvík Cove: Video

10 Aug 2020 Two celebrities in Vestmannaeyjar islands moved into their new 32,000-square-meter (344,000-sq-ft) home on Friday.


Amazing View of Vestmannaeyjar Islands: Video

13 Jun 2020 Vestmannaeyjar islands are known for their beautiful landscape.


Beluga Sisters Moving in June

10 May 2020 The beluga sisters Litla-Grá and Litla-Hvít (Little White and Little Gray) will be moving to a new home in June.

Carcasses at Stafnes point, Heimaey island.

Oil-Covered Carcasses of Birds Puzzle Islanders

4 May 2020 Numerous oil-covered carcasses of birds have recently been discovered on Vestmannaeyjar islands, and no one knows why.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Vestmannaeyjar Ferry’s First Scheduled Ride

26 Jul 2019 The new ferry Herjólfur IV sailed for the first time with passengers from Vestmannaeyjar islands last night.

Just arrived in Keflavík.

Beluga Sisters Have Arrived

20 Jun 2019 The beluga sisters Litla Grá and Litla Hvít (Little Gray and Little White) safely arrived in Vestmannaeyjar islands last night, after a long journey from China.

Little Gray and Little White.

Belugas Fly in Tomorrow

18 Jun 2019 Two beluga whales from Shanghai, China, will arrive at Keflavík International Airport tomorrow morning.




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