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Fooling people was easier when this type of phone was the norm.

April’s Fools, In Retrospect

2 Apr 2019 Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. It has long been a tradition in Iceland to play a practical joke on others this day.

Search for Ríkharður in 2018.

Body found on banks of Ölfusá river

11 Mar 2019 Yesterday South Iceland police were notified about a body that was found on the banks of the Ölfusá river. The body is believed to be that of Ríkharður Pétursson who disappeared from his Selfoss home in January 2018.

SAR team members searching the river yesterday.

Massive search on for man who drove car into Ölfusá river

27 Feb 2019 A man drove his car over the railing at Ölfusá in the bad weather on Monday night. An extensive search has been on in the river since.

Steypuvinnu við Ölfusárbrú er nú lokið á undan áætlun.

Ölfusá Bridge to reopen at noon

17 Aug 2018 The bridge over Ölfusá river, by Selfoss, South Iceland, is scheduled to reopen at noon today, three days ahead of schedule.

Bridge over Ölfusá river closed

14 Aug 2018 Due to maintenance, the bridge over Ölfusá river, by Selfoss, South Iceland, has been closed.

Search for man who jumped into Ölfusá river in South Iceland

21 May 2018 A man is believed to have jumped into the powerful Ölfusá river on Saturday night. Search parties have been searching the area since yesterday morning and the search continues today.

SAR teams look for missing man

26 Jan 2018 Al SAR treams in South Iceland and the National Coastguard helicopter are taking part in a search for a man who has been missing since leaving his home on Tuesday.

The driver was lucky to land in a shallow part of the river.

Car chase in Reykjavik ended in Ölfusá River in South Iceland

19 Jun 2017 The police chased a car this morning from Reykjavik and towards Selfoss. When it was clear where the driver was heading the police closed the bridge over Ölfusá River. The driver didn’t have any intention to stop even though the bridge was closed off. Instead, he drove into the river.

Ölfusá is Iceland's largest river and its immensely powerful.

Two men risk their lives to save another man from drowning

12 Jun 2017 A local police officer and an unnamed man showed immense bravery when they put themselves at risk to save a man that threw himself into Ölfusá River, by Selfoss in South Iceland.

Photo: Golli / Kjart­an Þor­björns­son

No body found in icy Selfoss river

8 Feb 2016 The body of Guðmundur Geir Sveinsson, the man who died after falling in the icy waters of the Ölfusá river in South Iceland last year, has yet to be been found.

The national coastguard helicopter at work yesterday searching for a missing man in the Ölfusá river. The day was an arduous one for its crew.

Coastguard helicopter fetches newborn baby

28 Dec 2015 The national coastguard helicopter undertook a difficult journey last night to fetch a two day old baby from Neskaupstaður, east Iceland that had to be transferred to hospital in Reykjavik.


River fall man presumed dead

28 Dec 2015 Some 100 search and rescue team members have combed the entire area from land and helicopter in search of Guðmundur Geir Sveinsson, 40, of whom no trace has been found.

From Selfoss. The Ölfusá river passes through the town.

Search on for man who fell into Selfoss river

26 Dec 2015 An extensive search is now taking place by the river Ölfusá in Selfoss, South Iceland for a man who is believed to have fallen into the water.

The Gothenburg ran aground in Iceland in 1718.

Expedition to 18th-century shipwreck

24 Aug 2015 Plans are being made to mount an expedition to recover chains, cannon and ballast from the Danish warship Gothenburg, which sunk a short distance from the estuary of Ölfusá river in South Iceland in 1718.

Rescue teams searching last night in Ölfusá river.

Driver found alive

14 Nov 2014 The driver of the car that plunged into the Ölfusá river last night has just been found on the riverbank near Selfoss airport. He was freezing cold and very shaken and has been transported to the local hospital. He has not been questioned yet about the accident which occurred a considerable distance from where he was found.

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