Car chase in Reykjavik ended in Ölfusá River in South Iceland

The Icelandic Metropolitan Police along with the Special Forces chased a car out of Reykjavik this morning. The chase started in Reykjavik but when the driver took the nr.1 ring road towards South Iceland, the police decided to close the bridge over Ölfusá River by the town Selfoss, 60 km from Reykjavik.

The driver didn’t have any intention to stop even though the bridge was closed off. Instead, he drove into the river. Ölfusá is Iceland’s largest rivers and only in recent years there have been a few accidents where people have perished in the river.

Luckily the car ended in a shallow part of the river. He managed to get to the roof of the car, from where he was rescued. He was then taken to Reykjavik in an ambulance.

The police have already managed to get the car out of the river.

According to’ sources, seven police cars, two motorcycles and two ambulances were used in the operation.


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