Minister of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture Svandís Svavarsdóttir.

Commodity Prices Rising Fast

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Beer to Benefit Victims of War

2 Apr “[W]e wondered what we, brewers in Iceland, could do to help.”

The Icelandic Health Insurance Building.

Offering Insurance and Psychological Support to Refugees

25 Mar “We expect to have to offer many of those who arrive here psychological support.”

Ukrainian refugees abroad.

Assisting Ukrainians Every Way They Can

18 Mar For the past two weeks, a group of about 200 people has been at the forefront of assisting refugees who have arrived in Iceland from Ukraine.

Aleksander Lukashenko, president of Belarus. The oligarch is said to be a close ally of his.

Iceland Said to Have Removed Oligarch from EU’s Sanctions List

18 Mar A well-known opponent of the Belarusian government, Natalia Kaliada, tells the newspaper Stundin that Icelandic authorities managed to have a Belarusian oligarch removed from the list of oligarchs the European Union meant to sanction.

More than three million Ukrainians have fled their homes.

Ukrainian Babies Unable to Come to Iceland

17 Mar “Time and again, small Ukrainian children are not allowed to check into flights from Warsaw, because they don’t have passports.”

Icelandic Police Officers May Be Sent to Ukrainian Border

17 Mar The Icelandic national police commissioner is preparing the possible participation of Icelandic police officers in border control-related tasks at the Ukrainian border of Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldavia.

From Keflavík International Airport.

Iceland Considered Safe Destination

16 Mar Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, head of tourism at Business Iceland (Íslandsstofa), tells Morgunblaðið it’s hard to predict how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will affect travel behavior and the willingness to travel.

From the Red Square in Moscow.

Iceland Limits Communication With Russia

16 Mar Icelandic authorities have decided to limit communication, cooperation and meetings with the representatives of Russian authorities — bilateral, regional and multilateral — due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Dr. Ihor Vitenko and Anastasiya Shyshlova.

Fish-Skin-Based Medical Supplies Sent from Iceland to Ukraine

15 Mar Thanks to the initiative of Anastiasiya Shyshlova, medical supplies from the Icelandic company Kerecis have arrived in Ukraine, where they will be used to treat wounds.

Analyzing How to Open Emergency Relief Shelter

11 Mar A total of 104 Ukrainian citizens have applied for international protection in Iceland since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began February 24.

Hinrik Örn Bjarnason, managing director of N1.

Price Per Liter of Gas Exceeds ISK 300 (USD 9 Per Gallon)

10 Mar Retail prices of gasoline and diesel have never been as high as they are now in Iceland, following major price increases worldwide in recent days as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Birna Þórarinsdóttir, managing director of UNICEF in Iceland.

Record Amounts Donated in Support of Ukrainians

9 Mar “It is obvious that people’s thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and all those who’ve had to flee the conflict.”

From the peace concert at Hallgrímskirkja church.

Icelanders Gather to Promote Peace: Video

9 Mar A peace concert at Hallgrímskirkja church, Reykjavík, held yesterday to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was very well attended.

Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir.

Does Not Rule Out Changes to Icelandic Air Policing

8 Mar Last night, Minister for Foreign Affairs Þór­dís Kol­brún Reykfjörð Gylfa­dótt­ir told that in light of the situation that has developed after the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine February 24, she does not rule out that changes will be made to Icelandic Air Policing.


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