Veiga Grétarsdóttir, paddling from Hænuvík to Látravík in the West Fjords.

Kayaking around Iceland for Good Cause

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Vilborg Arna expects to reach the highest peak of Everest mid-May.

Vilborg Arna makes third Mount Everest attempt

3 May 2017 Icelandic mountaineer and explorer Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir is currently at the base camp of Mount Everest and aims to reach the peak mid- May.

There are three rivers you can raft down in Iceland, two of them are family friendly. The third everything but.

River rafting in Iceland, some of the best in Europe

14 Jan 2017 There is no way to get to know Iceland quite like river rafting. Going down a glacier river on a small boat, looking up at a gorge the river has dug over the years and seeing the layers of Iceland. It is nothing short of an amazing experience.

There are two rivers for rafting in Skagafjörður, Austari jökulsá and Vestari jökulsá.

11 tips from a local on Skagafjörður, North Iceland

1 Jan 2017 Skagafjörður is not on the top list of every guide book but there is still plenty to see and do there, if you know where to find it. Here are some tips from a local on the 11 must do things when visiting Skagafjörður.

ADVENTURE! Explore Greenland from Iceland

14 Dec 2016 North Iceland tour operator North Sailing has announced a brand-new tour concept for the 2017 Iceland summer season – an eight-day sailing and hiking expedition in East Greenland led by polar explorer Vilborg Arna.

Iceland top trending adventure destination

31 Aug 2016 Iceland is the world’s number one trending destination for adventure holidays, according to a survey recently published by international luxury travel agency Virtuoso.

Glacier tours and caving: walk on the wild side!

31 May 2016 The Icelandic landscape is peppered with breathtakingly beautiful glaciers and caves. The largest glacier, Vatnajökull, is one of Europe’s largest and covers 8% of the entire country country.

Fun parks in Iceland: fun for all the family!

17 May 2016 Iceland is a great destination for all the family with countless recreational activities for the young and young-at-heart to enjoy.

Adventurer kayaks down partly frozen waterfall

4 Mar 2016 German adventurer Matze Brustmann is most likely the first individual to kayak his way down the Goðafoss waterfall in the middle of winter.

Smith says that the expedition, although cut short by today's storm, was an incredible one.

"The most incredible experience anyone could wish for"

29 Dec 2015 Charlie Smith, one of the young British men to attempt an unsupported crossing of the Icelandic highlands in midwinter says that the crossing was incredible despite the fallbacks.

The youngsters are pulling their supplies on sledges across Iceland.

Four British teenagers cross Iceland on foot

6 Dec 2015 Four young British men just set off on a 400 kilometre hike across Iceland on foot, an expedition they call The Coldest Crossing.

This photo of Rahel Schelb, a full-time teacher in Switzerland and part-time professional climber, was one of the highlights for Tim Kemple on the Vatnajökull expedition.

Frozen world: Ice climbing in Europe's largest glacier

18 Nov 2015 Amazing footage from an ice climbing expedition to ice caves in Vatnajökull in Iceland photographed by Tim Kemple.

Iceland adventures: Caving trips

16 Oct 2015 Iceland's stunning network of caves are formed either by volcanic activity, glacial movements and excavations or along the coastlines and range in size from small to gigantic.

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys has made numerous expeditions in Iceland.

Adventurer crosses Iceland

7 Jun 2015 Adventurer, blogger, author and motivational speaker Alastair Humphreys kindly let Iceland Monitor publish an astounding video made on one of his many expeditions to the country.


Journey to the inside of a glacier

12 May 2015 This June, the world’s first and longest man made ice cap glacier ice cave will open in Langjökull glacier, Iceland. The ice cave, or more precisely, tunnel, is 800 metres long and reaches down into the glacier at a depth of 30 metres. Iceland Monitor was invited to see the tunnel before it opens.

Arctic surfers: Braving the waves in Iceland

5 May 2015 "There's no limit to the time one can spend in the ocean. Surfing is hard work so you don't feel the cold, we get too hot if anything," explains surfing champion Bjarki Þorláksson at Surfing is becoming increasingly popular in Iceland and the sight of a car driving in the vicinity of Iceland's beaches with a surfboard strapped to the roof is becoming a common sight.




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