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Icelandic babies are receiving more international names.

Iceland's most popular names are international ones: Alexander and Emilía

18 Dec Alexander is the most popular name for baby boys in 2016, followed by Aron and Mikael. The most popular baby name for girls was Emilía followed by Emma and Elísabet. One could say therefore that there is a strong trend for international names that are, well, more pronouncable than traditional Icelandic ones.

A baby girl at the maternity ward in Reykjavik.

That strange naming committee strikes again: Ariel allowed, Zion rejected

9 Nov New rulings by the Icelandic naming committee allow the girl's names Ariel, Alíana, Alísa and Selina but reject the names Zion and Roar for boys.

Girls in Iceland can now be called Angelina, but Brad would undoubtedly be a no-no.

Angelina passes with the Icelandic naming committee

22 Sep 2016 Iceland’s famous naming committee, the committee responsible for ruling on permissible Icelandic first names, has voted yes on the girl's name Angelina.

Icelandic filmmaker Ragnar Hanson is a huge Sigourney Weaver fan and named his little daughter Ripley in honour of the female protagonist of the Alien film series.

Sigourney Weaver is in Iceland- and meets a little Icelandic girl named Ripley

29 Apr 2016 Numerous reports claim that actress Sigourney Weaver is currently in Iceland, and no report is sweeter than the one by film maker Ragnar Hanson who met Weaver by chance in downtown Reykjavik yesterday and made a date with her to meet his little daughter- Ripley.


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