Iceland's most popular names are international ones: Alexander and Emilía

Alexander is the most popular name for baby boys in 2016, followed by Aron and Mikael. The most popular baby name for girls was Emilía followed by Emma and Elísabet. One could say therefore that there is a strong trend for international names that are, well, more pronouncable internationally than traditional Icelandic ones. 

However, the most popular middle name for boys was Þór, followed by Máni and Hrafn, all of these hailing from Norse Mythology. 

Þór var langvinsælast sem annað eiginnafn drengja og þar á eftir Máni og Hrafn. As for girls, the most popular middle name was María, followed by Ósk and Rós. 

This information was provided by the National Bureau of Statitics in Iceland. 

As for babies with only a single name, the names Guðrún for girls and Jón for boys still remains the most popular, although this popularity is decreasing every year. 


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