The landscape at Reykjarnes Peninsula is a bit alien.

14 places to visit on Reykjanes Peninsula

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According the folk tales, Brimketill used to be Oddný the troll's bath.

A visit to the troll’s pool is getting easier

12 May 2017 A platform is being built to make visits to Brimketill easier and safer. Brimketill is a lava rock formation in the shape of a pool on the edge of the ocean and is a popular destination in Reykjanes Peninsula. The construction hasn’t always been easy as the waves spare no man or rock in this area.

The couple felt a connection to Iceland, so strong that they dropped plans for a wedding in New Orleans to exchange vows in Iceland

Exchanged vows in Iceland and donated the wedding dress

21 Feb 2017 USA couple Richard and Shasten Hildebrand came to Iceland to exchange their vows and have the wedding photo shoot. Later they donated the wedding dress to the Icelandic Red Cross, “for someone to have the good fortune that we have.”




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