Gott er að halda í einhvern í vindinum.

Extreme wind in Reykjavik

23 Feb 2018 It's been unusually windy in Reykjavik this afternoon and early evening, even compared to this storm-filled February.

Flooding will likely occur this afternoon in the capital area.

Yellow weather warning issued for Reykjavik this afternoon

23 Feb 2018 The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police urge people to clear drains and secure loose objects outside as a storm is arriving later this afternoon. The Iceland Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert.

Rain and sleet for Iceland this afternoon.

Last of the February storms hits Iceland this afternoon

23 Feb 2018 A deep low pressure area is approaching Iceland rapidly and will reach South and West Iceland this afternoon. According to the Iceland Met Offie, it's the last storm on the cards for a while, with calm and dry weather next week.

A storm is raging in South West Iceland.

Reykjanesbraut has been reopened

21 Feb 2018 The Iceland Road Administration has reopened Reykjanesbraut, the road leading to Keflavik International Airport. The weather has reached a climax in Reykjavik according to the Iceland Met Office.

A map of closures made by the Road Administration at 08:26 this morning.

All main roads to and from Reykjavik impassable due to storm

21 Feb 2018 The Iceland Road Administration closed all main roads to and from the capital this morning due to weather. More road closures are likely to occur in Iceland throughout the day. Rescue teams have been on call since the early hours of the morning.

A violent storm with hurricane force winds hits the city tomorrow morning.

Children should be accompanied to school Wednesday morning

20 Feb 2018 The Reykjavik Fire Department urges parents and guardians to follow weather announcements carefully. An orange alert has been issued for the Reykjavik capital area tomorrow morning. Younger children should by no means go to school unaccompanied.

Tomorrow morning is not safe for travelling!

These roads will be closed on Wednesday morning

20 Feb 2018 Tomorrow morning numerous roads are expected to close when a violent storm hits the country with hurricane force winds and rain and snow.

Many tourists call when they are too afraid to keep driving.

Tourists call emergency number in snowstorms

16 Feb 2018 The emergency number in Iceland is 112 and calls from tourists to that number are increasing. Some people call when their vehicles are stuck in snow and others call when they are driving in a storm and are too afraid to continue.

The weather forecast for Wednesday February 14th. As you can see with the red colour a storm rages in the South and South East.

Storm hits South Iceland - windspeeds up to 50 m/s

14 Feb 2018 The storms are hitting Iceland relentlessly it seems and this morning the Iceland Met Offie put out an orange alert for South and South East Iceland. The no.1 road between Hvolsvöllur and Jökulsárlón is closed. All traffic through Hellisheiði and Kjalarnes has also been put to a stop.

Rescue teams working at Vesturlandsvegur this weekend.

Tourists can't be blamed for not checking weather forecasts if locals don't

13 Feb 2018 Over three hundred SAR team members were hard at work getting cars unstuck during the storms that hit Iceland this weekend. A great number of them were driven by tourists. Half of the problem, is however, Icelanders themselves.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

VIDEO: Terrifying footage when a car spins out of control in South West Iceland

12 Feb 2018 Only a few centimetres separated Friðrik Helgi Friðriksson's car from a vehicle that had spun out of control and headed straight towards him on Vesturlandsvegur yesterday during the storm.

Weather at noon today.

Orange weather alert for Reykjavik, South Iceland and Faxaflói

11 Feb 2018 Latest reports from the Iceland Met Office are that the area of low depression will create a bad storm in Reykjavik and an orange weather alert has been raised. All domestic flights have been cancelled.

Blinding storms in many parts of Iceland today.

People urged to follow weather forecast closely due to storms

10 Feb 2018 The bad weather is likely to be at its worst in South East and North West Iceland today. The capital area will escape the worst but there will be snowfall and wind in the afternoon. Weather could be very changeable so people should monitor the forecast carefully if travelling.

Pink and dark red means winds of up to  24-30 m/s and purple stands for 16-22 m/s.

Blizzard expected today and this weekend

9 Feb 2018 Today there's heavy wind and snowfall in North West Iceland and Holtavörðuheiði and Mosfellsheiði are impassable. An easterly storm with snow and wind are expected in South Iceland this evening. Tomorrow, yet another storm is expected in the whole of Iceland.

Heavy snowfall has caused distruption to traffic and road closure.

Heavy snow pummels Iceland - yellow weather warning for large part of the country

6 Feb 2018 Numerous roads closed last night due to heavy snowfall and stormy weather. Hellisheiði and Þrengsli have now reopened. A yellow weather warning is however still up for a large part of Iceland.


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