Beer to Benefit Victims of War

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From Ölverk's beer festival in 2019.

Beer Festival Among Tropical Animals This Weekend

22 Oct 2021 Beer enthusiasts will head to Hveragerði, Southwest Iceland, this weekend.

Sigurður Bragi, holding the 'Vaccine.'

‘Vaccine’ Ale Coming to Liquor Stores This Week

30 Dec 2020 “It’s a pleasure being the first one to bring the ‘Vaccine’ to market.”

Christmas Beer Flood Near 2018 Levels

26 Nov 2019 The Christmas beer season has begun - and the selection is greater than ever.

From RVK Brewing Co. From left:
Nonni Quest, barber, Valgeir Valgeirsson brewer, and Sig­urður Pét­ur Snorra­son, co-owner of RVK Brew­ing Co.

Beer Run September 21

13 Sep 2019 Registration is underway for the RVK Brewing Co. Beer Run, set for September 21 in Nauthólsvík, Reykjavík.

The keg is fitted with draughts so beer can be pumped directly from the container.

Biggest beer keg in the world on its way to Iceland

9 Jun 2017 A shipping container which has been turned to a giant beer keg (possibly the biggest of its kind in the world) is on its way to Iceland for BjórFestival beer festival which will be held in Reykjavik 24 June.

The beer will be flavoured with Norwegian and Icelandic sheep heads.

Sheep head beer: A Nordic collaboration

7 Jun 2017 “The idea is really not as insane as it seem,” says Árni Long of Bryggjan Brugghús brewery about a collaboration with Norwegian brewery Voss. The result is a stout beer flavoured with Icelandic and Norwegian sheep heads.




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