The most popular destinations in 2021.

Iceland’s Most Popular Destinations in 2021

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Sounds of Iceland – Accessible on Map

9 Nov 2020 Did you ever wonder what Iceland sounds like?

A magical moment on the sailboat.

Sailing and Running: New Kind of Adventure

2 Jun 2019 A new kind of trips has gained attention lately for combining sailing and running.

Horse farmer Hörður offers the highest Airbnb-rated recreational experience in Iceland.

Popular Recreation Offered by the Locals

25 May 2019 Recreation offered by the locals is becoming more and more popular in Iceland.

The two vehicles, after getting stuck off road.

Off-Road Drivers Apologize

20 Jul 2018 The French couple who drove two 4x4s off road near Kerlingarfjöll mountains in the Icelandic highlands on Sunday, were fined a total of ISK 400,000 (USD 3,750, EUR 3,200).

The vehicles were driven off the road to avoid snow banks.

Off-Road Driving Leaves Wounds in Landscape

16 Jul 2018 The South Iceland Police Department received notice yesterday of two 4x4s, which had gotten stuck off road in the Icelandic highlands, near Loðmundur mountain, north of Kerlingarfjöll mountains.

Laxá í Aðaldal is often referred to as the queen of Icelandic rivers for salmon fishing.

Best rivers for salmon fishing in Iceland

4 Jan 2017 Iceland is renowned for its nature, and a great way to enjoy it is to go fishing. Salmon fishing is very popular in Iceland and there are a few absolutely stunning rivers for that. Here is a list of our favourite rivers, with no regard to the price!


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