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Mystery ‘Ship’ in Spotlight

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From L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

Proof of Viking Presence in North America in 1021

21 Oct 2021 Scientists have found proof that the Vikings were present in Newfoundland in the year 1021.

The 'ship,' located on Fagradalsheiði moor.

Unique Archeological Find in Iceland

15 Jun 2021 Last Friday, an archeological discovery was made in Skaftafellssýsla county, Southeast Iceland, considered to be among the most important ones made there.

An ancient bone from a horse that was used in the study.

Horses rather than mares were buried with Icelandic Vikings

7 Jan 2019 A new archeological study in Iceland has revealed that only male horses were buried with Vikings in pagan graves and no mares.

.An illustration to show how the ancient farm could have been situated.

Ninth century animal bones discovered in remote West Fjords

10 Aug 2018 Animal bones dating from the ninth century have been discovered in Sandvík, Selárstströnd in Kaldraneshreppur district, a remote area at the tip of the West Fjords of Iceland. Archeologists will be digging in the area for the next few weeks.

Archaeologist Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir has for years researched the cloisters of medieval times in Iceland.

Is the cloister door found?

26 Oct 2017 "Important evidences point to that the church door of Valþjófsstaður "Valþjófsstaðarhurðin" originally came from a cloister that chieftain Jón Loftsson founded at Keldur, Rangárvellir in the year 1193," Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir says about her new book that has been just published by The Historical Society and The National Museum of Iceland. The book's title is: In Search of the Cloisters - Five centuries of Cloister Life in Iceland.

The sword was found in a boat grave located by the sea, which had already removed a part of the boat.

Iceland Viking Grave: “A bigger find than we believed”

16 Jun 2017 “The two boats and the size of the grave is on a bigger scale than we’ve seen in the past years. We don’t know we might find there,” says archaeologist Hildur Gestsdóttir who is leading the excavation where a Viking sword and two boat graves were found.

The excavation area.

Ancient Viking sword discovered in pagan boat grave in Iceland

15 Jun 2017 A Viking sword from the 9th or 10th century was discovered in pagan boat grave at Dysnes, North Iceland. Archaeologists are competing with the sea in excavating the area. A part of the boat has already been lost to the sea.

The excavation at Hrísbrú in Mosfellsdalur.

A chieftain's hut possibly to rise in Mosfellsdalur

13 Jun 2017 A group of people have applied to raise a chieftain's longhouse, church, smithy and a scriptorium in Mosfellsdalur, not far from Reykjavik. The aim is to relay a time in Iceland's history which the group believes to be the height of Icelandic culture, the Middle Ages.

The excavation is in Reykjavik centre.

Barley grains used to date ancient remains in Reykjavik

24 Apr 2017 The remains date back to when Iceland was first settled. They were discovered in Reykjavik centre when archaeologist were excavating remains of a 19th century house.


Video: Viking sword was just "waiting to be picked up"

5 Sep 2016 An important archeological discovery was made this weekend by a group of hunters in Iceland. They picked up a sword thought to be from the tenth century which was placed on a pagan grave at the beginning of Iceland's settlement.

The sword is a very important archeological find.

Tenth century Viking sword discovered in Iceland

5 Sep 2016 A few friends hunting for geese accidentally discovered an impressive Viking sword this weekend which they handed over to the Cultural Heritage Centre of Iceland.




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