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The skylight.

Amazing Video of Skylight in Lava Field Near Fagradalsfjall

21 Jun 2021 In the lava field in Nátthagi valley, an opening has formed through which a red, lava river can be seen flowing underneath the solidified surface

The drone's last moment.

Drone Devoured by Fire: Video

31 May 2021 Yet another drone was recently devoured by fire at the eruption site in Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland.

Stricter Rules to Take Effect for Flying Drones

23 Dec 2020 New rules regarding the flight of drones will take effect in Iceland the first half of next year.


Bird Drone of Interest to US Investors

23 Sep 2019 The Icelandic company Flygildi has since 2012 been developing a drone in the shape of a bird.

The drone at Egilsstaðir Airport.

Icelandic Waters Watched by Drone

2 May 2019 The Icelandic Coast Guard recently took a drone into use for monitoring the waters around Iceland.

VIDEO: A stunning view of Iceland from the sky

7 Jun 2016 Check out the latest stunning offering from ‘Dronefanatic’, an “aspiring cinematographer” who recently visited the inspiring and stunning landscapes of Iceland.

Photo: THOR Photography

VIDEO: The Magnificent Landscape of Iceland

15 Feb 2016 Yet to be captivated by the awesome majesty and grandeur of the Icelandic landscape? Then feast your eyes on this...

The crater Víti in the highlands captured by The Drone Master

Video: Incredible drone video of Iceland's landscapes

8 Feb 2016 French director The Drone Master captured these amazing images of Iceland's many contrasts in a new drone video he kindly shared with Iceland Monitor.


LIVE: Drone coverage of ice sinkhole climb

5 Jan 2016 The US breakfast television programme ‘Good Morning America’ is promising a spectacular television first – a live drone camera broadcast into an Icelandic ice sinkhole thousands of feet deep.

An example of the photographer's Iceland work.

PHOTOS: Drone’s-eye view of Iceland

29 Aug 2015 Dutch photographer Paul Oostveen is the artistic force behind a series of magnificent aerial shots of the Icelandic coast, land and rivers.

Screenshot from video.

A drone’s-eye view of Iceland

12 Aug 2015 Canadian photographer and traveller Yann Bissonnette is the creative force behind a new video entitled ‘Iceland from the Sky’.

With the help of a 'selfie stick', Rev. Ægisson caught the entire congregration in one smily shot.

Iceland weddings for the 21st century

3 Aug 2015 An Icelandic priest appears to be making a name for himself for gladly incorporating the latest technology into his wedding services.

Drones used in fight against whaling

1 Jul 2015 Conservationist organisation Hard to Port will be deploying drones in its efforts to raise international awareness of what it describes as the “bloody activities” of Icelandic whalers.




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