Drones used in fight against whaling

Conservationist organisation Hard to Port will be deploying drones in its efforts to raise international awareness of what it describes as the “bloody activities” of Icelandic whalers.

The Whaler Watching Programme is a “citizen-led campaign to document and expose the full truth about commercial whaling in Iceland”. Hard to Port activists let off coloured flares yesterday evening in protest at the first dead fin whale being brought to land at Hvalfjörður, in western Iceland.

“The protagonists of Iceland's whaling industry care a great deal about maintaining a low public profile. They know what they are hiding and they know that if people find out, the public outcry will be immense. What happens to Icelandic marine wildlife is tragic and not tolerable, so we decided to challenge the whalers and give them the things they are most afraid of: attention and exposure,” reads a press release from the organisation.

The group intends to use “state-of-the-art technical equipment, which includes a UAV ('drone') […] to expose the usually well-hidden whaling operations and to educate the public about the ongoing slaughter of endangered Icelandic wildlife.” 

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