Preparing for Arrival of Pets from Ukraine

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Ukrainian children in Iceland.

Close to 600 Ukrainian Refugees in Iceland

4 Apr 2022 Twenty-seven Ukrainian refugees arrived in Iceland Saturday.

Beer to Benefit Victims of War

2 Apr 2022 “[W]e wondered what we, brewers in Iceland, could do to help.”

The Icelandic Health Insurance Building.

Offering Insurance and Psychological Support to Refugees

25 Mar 2022 “We expect to have to offer many of those who arrive here psychological support.”

Ukrainian refugees abroad.

Assisting Ukrainians Every Way They Can

18 Mar 2022 For the past two weeks, a group of about 200 people has been at the forefront of assisting refugees who have arrived in Iceland from Ukraine.

More than three million Ukrainians have fled their homes.

Ukrainian Babies Unable to Come to Iceland

17 Mar 2022 “Time and again, small Ukrainian children are not allowed to check into flights from Warsaw, because they don’t have passports.”

Icelandic Police Officers May Be Sent to Ukrainian Border

17 Mar 2022 The Icelandic national police commissioner is preparing the possible participation of Icelandic police officers in border control-related tasks at the Ukrainian border of Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldavia.

Analyzing How to Open Emergency Relief Shelter

11 Mar 2022 A total of 104 Ukrainian citizens have applied for international protection in Iceland since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began February 24.

Minister of Justice Jón Gunnarsson, with the Ukrainian refugees.

Refugees Invited to Stay at Justice Minister’s House

8 Mar 2022 A Ukrainian refugee, who arrived in Iceland late last night along with her 11-year-old son, was unexpectedly offered temporary housing by Icelandic Minister of Justice Jón Gunnarsson.

Lyubomyra and her family in 2014, taking part in the Reykjavík Marathon.

Plans to Send Supplies to Ukraine

7 Mar 2022 The Association of Ukrainians in Iceland is organizing sending an aircraft to Ukraine with necessities and humanitarian aid for refugees.

Minister of Justice Jón Gunnarsson.

Ukrainian Refugees to Be Granted Joint Protection

4 Mar 2022 Icelandic Minister of Justice Jón Gunnarsson intends to activate Article 44 of the Foreign Nationals Act.

Preparations Underway to Receive Refugees from Ukraine

3 Mar 2022 “Preparations are underway to receive refugees from Ukraine.”

Alexandra Andrusenko and Svitlana Perepelytsya, in Reykjavík.

‘All We Want Is to Live in Peace’

3 Mar 2022 Ukrainian mother and daughter Svitl­ana Perep­elytsya and Al­ex­andra Andru­sen­ko were able to flee to Iceland from their war-torn country, along with Alexandra’s three children.

PM Katrín Jakobsdóttir, in Alþingi.

Ready to Receive Refugees from Ukraine

1 Mar 2022 Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir stated in Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, yesterday that Icelandic authorities are ready to receive refugees from Ukraine, if requested to do so.

Seeing his mother for the first time in more than four months.

Baby Arsalan Arrives in Iceland: Emotional Reunion

23 Dec 2021 It was an emotional moment when baby Arsalan arrived in Iceland Tuesday, after being separated from his mother for more than four months.


‘Christmas Child’ Coming Today: Miraculous Reunion

21 Dec 2021 “The parents didn’t expect to see their child until possibly many years from now…Arsalan is this year’s Christmas child.”


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