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Pictures: A Reykjavik summer day

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Temperature forecast for Wednesday from the Icelandic Met Office.

Snow in North Iceland on Wednesday

8 May 2017 After summer’s arrival with breaking heat records over the last week, it will get cold again this Wednesday and even snow in North Iceland.

Not quite this warm yet, but at least it's summer!

Happy (Icelandic) first day of summer!

20 Apr 2017 Today is the first day of summer in Iceland. It’s also the day of summer presents, a custom centuries older than Christmas presents. The reason why first day of summer is so early is that the old Icelandic calendar only had two seasons, winter and summer.

Volcanoes, skyr and the Panama Papers: a 2016 Iceland retrospective

1 Jan 2017 As the new year begins, Iceland Monitor takes a look back over 2016 and some of its most popular news stories for each month. Which is your favourite?

2016 one of the hottest Iceland summers on record

7 Oct 2016 The summer of 2016 was one of the hottest on record, according to data and analysis from the Icelandic Met Office.

What this couple WON’T miss when they leave Iceland

29 Aug 2016 This young couple making a new life in Denmark have made a video about the aspects of living in Iceland that they won’t miss once they are gone.

‘Euro 2016 effect’ pushes up Iceland booze sales

16 Aug 2016 Sales in Icelandic alcohol stores were 7.3% higher this summer than in the summer of 2015, with the good weather and the Euro 2016 football finals thought to be in part responsible.

Bumper July figures for Iceland tourism

10 Aug 2016 New figures from the Icelandic Tourist Board show that 236,000 foreign nationals flew out of Iceland in July 2016 – over 30% more than the same month last year.

Chieftain Jörmundur Ingi Hansen (third from left).

Pagan chieftain sets 17 June as birthday of Iceland democracy

26 Jul 2016 Iceland’s national day is 17 June, the day on which the newly independent Icelandic republic was founded in 1944. But is there more to the date than meets the eye?

"Heat wave" in Reykjavik yesterday

21 Jul 2016 Temperatures in the city rocked up o 17.5 degrees yesterday and in nearby Kjalarnes the temperature was measured at 21.2 degrees C.

Crystal Symphony with Mein Schiff 4 behind.

5,600 cruise passengers to Iceland this Monday

20 Jul 2016 Monday was a busy day for cruise-ship traffic in Iceland, with three shops all moored in Reykjavik at the same time – bringing just over 5,600 passengers.

Weather much better in Iceland this summer than last

19 Jul 2016 Icelandic summer weather is back on track, after particularly cold conditions last year, according to meteorologist Einar Sveinbjörnsson.

Wetter and cooler weather for the weekend

8 Jul 2016 The weekend is set to be wetter and cooler than in recent days, according to information from the Icelandic Met Office.

Numerous incidents of Iceland sheep road deaths

1 Jul 2016 Police in the West Fjords regions of Iceland have received 44 reports over the last two months of sheep being hit by cars and left dead on the side of the road.

The longest day of the year is here

20 Jun 2016 The exact time of the summer solstice in Iceland this year is 10:34pm this evening, making today the longest day of the Icelandic year.

There is a statue of Jón Sigurðsson on Austurvöllur square in central Reykjavik.

Tomorrow is Iceland’s national day!

16 Jun 2016 Tomorrow, 17 June, is Iceland’s national day. Where does the date come from and what’s on event-wise this year?




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