Weather much better in Iceland this summer than last

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar

Icelandic summer weather is back on track, after particularly cold conditions last year, according to meteorologist Einar Sveinbjörnsson.

June and July 2015 were cold months, before the weather finally turned warmer in August and the highest temperatures came in early September. By contrast, June and July this year have been warmer, back in line with prevailing summer conditions this century.

“Temperatures in June and so far in July have been completely in line with average temperatures over the past fifteen years, particularly in South and West Iceland,” explains Sveinbjörnsson.

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Golli

“Last summer was something of a blip with cold conditions all over. What is happening this year is not some sort of meteorological change – it was last summer that was the odd one out,” he says.

The south and west of the country has been warmer than the north and the east, and East Iceland has seen the wettest conditions this summer.


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