Strokkur erupts. Archive photo.

Geysir Area Declared Protected

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The farm at Neðri Dalur, which lies very close to Geysir in Haukadalur.

Chinese investors interest in land comes under criticism

30 Aug 2017 The news that Chinese investors were interested in buying land next to the famous Geysir hot spring has come under strong criticism in Iceland. People or companies outside the EEA are not allowed to buy land that measures over 25 hectares according to current regulations.

Geysir is Iceland's most famous geysir, and all geysers draw their name from it.

Chinese investors want to purchase land next to Geysir

28 Aug 2017 Chinese investors are interested in purchasing the land of Neðri Dalur in Biskupstungur, South Iceland, which lies next to the famous Geysir in Haukadalur. The price of the land, which measures 1.200 hectares is 1.2 billion ISK.

Babies often take nap outside in the cold.

20 strange and awesome facts about Iceland

29 Jan 2017 Iceland is a country of many wonders. There are a however some things raise the eyebrows of tourists travelling in Iceland. Here is a list of twenty top strange and awesome facts about Iceland.

Plans to make Iceland’s famous Geysir a protected site

6 Dec 2016 Work has begun on a new proposal to grant protected status to the Geysir geothermal area on Iceland’s famous Golden Circle.

An image of the famous incident last April.

Geysir food dye artist found not guilty

6 Jul 2016 Marco Evaristti, the Chilean artist who controversially dyed Iceland’s iconic Strokkur hot spring pink last April, has been acquitted of criminal charges by an Icelandic court.

Experience Iceland’s magnificent Golden Circle!

23 Apr 2016 Season Tours is one of many Icelandic tour operators offering guided tours around the Golden Circle and Iceland Monitor was given the opportunity to join in on an exciting journey around this stunning area of the country.

Mystery solved: Who farted in the presence of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Iceland?

19 Apr 2016 Kim Kardashian published a Snapchat of her husband, rapper Kanye West covering his face on account of a particularly nasty smell in their vehicle. "Driver keeps farting," reads the caption but, seemingly not known by the Kardashian clan, Icelandic hot springs give off a sulphurous smell not unlike the smell of a human fart.

The hot springs at the Geysir area in Haukadalur, South Iceland, remain a popular tourist attraction.

Geysir area perilous for tourists in winter

25 Feb 2016 The Geysir hot spring area in South Iceland is now covered with a coat of very slippery ice.

The Geysir hot spring area is one of Iceland's most popular tourist spots.

Tourist scalded as he steps into hot spring

25 Jan 2016 A Korean tourist was scalded on his foot after inadvertantly stepping into a hot spring at the Geysir hot spring area, South Iceland last week.

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Nipples, glaciers and pagans: a 2015 retrospective

22 Dec 2015 As the year draws to a close, Iceland Monitor takes a look back over 2015 and some of its most popular news stories for each month. Which is your favourite?

The legs of six-year old Natalie following the accident.

Children badly burned by geyser

18 Jun 2015 Two children on holiday in Iceland were badly burned on Monday when watching the geyser Strokkur spouting. A sharp gust of wind blew scathingly hot water over them, and other tourists.

Conceptual artist Marco Evaristti paints directly on nature.

Artist refuses to pay fine

25 Apr 2015 Marco Evaristti, the artist who poured five litres of food colouring into the Strokkur geysir on Friday morning and turned it pink has been fined 100 thousand kronas for disrupting the delicate balance of nature in the area. Evaristti has decided, after talking to Icelandic lawyers, not to pay the fine.

The geysir Strokkur as you've never seen it before: a bright shade of pink.

Uproar as artist dyes geysir pink

24 Apr 2015 "This is not art, it's vandalism," said the spokesperson for the landowners of the Geysir area to earlier today. Artist Marco Evaristii poured five litres of red fruit dye into the active Strokkur geysir without permission, an act not appreciated artistically by enraged Icelanders.




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