From Deplar Farm. A truck appears from underneath the snow cover.

Deep Snow at Deplar Farm

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Only the TV antenna sticks out.

Buried in Snow Three Times

26 Apr 2020 A cabin in Unadalur valley, near the village of Hofsós, North Iceland, was completely buried in snow - not once, but three times this winter.

The photo that was shared all across Iceland and beyond.

Icelander hangs out washing in shoulder-deep snow

13 Feb 2018 Photographer Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir who lives in Ísafjörður in the West Fjords of Iceland wanted to show her husband, who lives in the capital, how much it had snowed overnight and posted a photo of herself hanging out the washing on her Facebook page.

Winter storm warning for Iceland tonight

19 Dec 2016 The warm air which brought record December temperatures to parts of Iceland earlier this month has now moved on and winter is well and truly with us, according to latest weather forecast.

White Christmas for Iceland this year?

15 Dec 2016 Despite a recent warm spell, meteorologists in Iceland are not ruling out a white Christmas, as changeable and colder weather approaches.

Heavy snowstorms on the cards for North Iceland

15 Nov 2016 Strong winds are expected to affect Iceland today, with heavy snowstorm forecast for North Iceland tomorrow, according to the Icelandic Met Office.

Iceland river fall tourist trapped under 6-metre snowdrift

13 Jul 2016 A French tourist who was carried under a massive snow-drift after falling into a river in South Iceland yesterday evening has yet to be found.

Winter weather strikes Iceland again

28 Apr 2016 Police and rescue services were called out several times during the night to assist with vehicles mired in snow on impassable roads.

The sun is shining today...

Iceland has not seen last of the snow

25 Apr 2016 The fine spring weather currently gracing most of the country will not last long – with snow and falling temperatures forecast for parts of northern and eastern Iceland later this week.

VIDEO: Snowboarding the Iceland way

18 Apr 2016 Scotty Lago and Greg Bretz were part of the US team who came to Iceland for the Iceland Winter Games, which took place in the northern town of Akureyri 24 March-3 April.

Rescue teams out in force yesterday.

Winter storm batters Iceland

18 Apr 2016 Heavy snowfall and gale-force winds affected many parts of the country from yesterday afternoon, putting an end to the spring-like weather enjoyed throughout the week.

Sorelle is an Australian photographer based in Iceland.

Bikini pin-up photos in Icelandic snow

23 Mar 2016 Australian photographer Sorelle Amore recently published a series of photographs where she wears a bikini in the Icelandic snow. Amore can be seen in a variety of poses: playing golf, tanning, vacuum cleaning, painting and washing her car.

The Skagafjörður rescue team spent seven hours locating all the fish in the snowy hills.

Only in Iceland: SAR team rescues fish from perishing in snow

22 Feb 2016 Icelandic search and rescue teams in Iceland are called out for all kinds of work and this weekend, the mission of the Skagafjörður rescue team in North Iceland was to save a valuable cargo of fish from a truck which had careered off the road.

Photo: Vopni Search & Rescue

Reckless tourists cause rescue chaos

22 Feb 2016 A group of eleven foreign visitors had to be rescued by Icelandic search and rescue teams yesterday afternoon – after ignoring road closure signs and getting mired in deep snow.

Photo: Skapti Hallgrímsson

Akureyri sees deepest snow in 20 years

17 Feb 2016 The recent dusting of snow the weather gods have treated Iceland to has seen records fall in eastern parts of North Iceland.

The balcony of the director of the town council Ásthildur Sturludóttir this morning.

"We're totally snowed in"

5 Feb 2016 All schools are closed in Patreksfjörður in the West Fjords due to heavy snowfall last night. An avalanche alert is still on in the small town. "We're totally snowed in," says director of the town council Ásthildur Sturludóttir.




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