Bikini pin-up photos in Icelandic snow

Sorelle is an Australian photographer based in Iceland.

Sorelle is an Australian photographer based in Iceland. Screenshot/

Australian photographer Sorelle Amore recently published a series of photographs where she wears a bikini in the Icelandic snow. Amore can be seen in a variety of poses: playing golf, tanning, vacuum cleaning, painting and washing her car. 

"As a photographer at Sherbet Birdie Vintage & Pin Up Photography in Sydney, Australia, who specialise in fun photoshoots for everyday women, it's ingrained in me to pose and produce photos of this type. One day after extremely heavy snowfall which actually closed off the roads from my house, the idea popped into my mind! So I grabbed my bikini, a towel, some sunglasses...and the first photo of the series - sunbathing in the snow - came to life!" Amore, who also works as a guide in Iceland, writes on her website. 

Amore has gained quite a bit of attention with her Iceland bikini photos who have been featured on Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail

Check out Sorelle Amore's Instagram photographs of Icelandic nature- and bikini selfies- HERE



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