Northern Lights

VIDEO: Northern Lights show!

16 Sep 2015 Iceland’s capital was graced with yet another spectacular Northern Lights show last night.

The Northern Lights over Akrafjall.

The Northern Lights are back!

14 Sep 2015 One of the up-sides of the return of autumn in Iceland is the return of the magnificent Aurora Borealis.

Astronomer Sævar Helgi Bragason captured an  amazing video of Northern Lights last night at Hótel Rangá.

Video: Amazing northern lights display over Iceland last night

28 Aug 2015 Icelanders noticed an unusually vivid display of northern lights last night, a display which is also fairly unusual for this time of year. Astronomer Sævar Helgi Bragason filmed the event and posted it on the Stjörnufræðivefur website with the caption," Most amazing northern light show I've seen in years."

The famous Northern Lights.

VIDEO: Northern Lights in NASA pictures

25 Jul 2015 Digital designer Ólafur Haraldsson has recently completely compiling over 10,000 photographs taken from the International Space Station (ISS) into a special Northern Lights video.

Stephane Vetter made this stunning video of northern lights above Þingvellir in March.

Incredible northern lights video

8 Jun 2015 A powerful solar storm in March caused one of the most spectacular displays of northern lights in Iceland in recent years. French photographer Stephane Vetter made this stunning video using pictures, time-lapses and real-time videos of coronal and pulsating auroras.

Northern Lights extravangaza over Seltjarnarnes last night.

Northern Lights alive and well!

10 Apr 2015 On the back of our pessimistic piece yesterday, Krist­inn Arn­ar Hauks­son captured this spectacular Northern Lights picture yesterday evening at Grótta on Seltjarnarnes.

Can we expect less of this in the future?

Northern Lights set to decline

9 Apr 2015 Þórður Arason, geophysicist at the Icelandic Met Office, predicts a possible dip in aurora borealis activity over the next few years.

The light sequence in the glass facade of Harpa is changed every couple of months and is by artist Ólafur Elíasson, as is the glass facade of the award-winning building.

Harpa bathed in Northern Lights

30 Mar 2015 This stunning time lapse was taken by ReykjavikPhoto at the beginning of February during a solar storm, a beautiful interplay between artist Ólafur Elíasson's light sequence in the building's light facade and a natural phenomenon of lights in the winter sky.

These Northern Lights were caught on camera in Selfoss last night.

Awesome aurora

18 Mar 2015 The Northern Lights were on top form last night. The outlook for tonight, however, is apparently not good.

White denotes an absence of cloud cover, essential for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

High Northern-Lights activity tonight

17 Mar 2015 Tonight is the best night this week to see the Northern Light in Iceland, particularly in the western half of the country.

An aurora corona captured on film at Þingvellir national park on Saturday.

A crown of northern lights

5 Mar 2015 Photographer Sigurður William captured this stunning shot of the northern lights forming an aurora corona at Þingvellir national park on Saturday. This 180° panorama picture beautifully shows the green lights caused by oxygen, the purple lights from nitrate and the white which occurs when all the colours merge together.

Can you see the liver bird?

From Jesus to Liverpool

3 Mar 2015 A photograph taken by Icelandic photographer, Jónína G. Óskarsdóttir, of the famous Northern Lights has been identified by some as a vision of the ‘liver bird’, the symbol of the city of Liverpool, UK, and of the city’s world-famous football team.

One of the world's greatest wonders

One of the world's greatest wonders

2 Mar 2015 Nearly three thousand tourists went on a northern lights trip with the companies Kynnisferðir and Grayline last night. They were lucky enough to witness an incredible display of light and colour in the cold March sky.

1200 tourists in 24 coaches went hunting for the northern lights yesterday.

Record number of tourists on northern light trips

12 Feb 2015 Over 1200 people went on coach tours to the west of Iceland yesterday to see the northern lights with the Gray Line tour company. Twenty four coaches were dispatched on northern lights tours yesterday, a record number according to the company.

Image of Christ appears in Northern Lights

16 Jan 2015 Photographer Jón Hilmarsson captured these beautiful images of the Northern Lights above Akranes, south-west Iceland. What especially caught his eye was how much the shape of this natural phenomenon resembled the statue of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.




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