One of the world's greatest wonders

Nearly three thousand tourists went on a northern lights trip with the companies Kynnisferðir and Grayline last night. They were lucky enough to witness an incredible display of light and colour in the cold March sky.

"It's a fun and thankful job," says Sigurbergur Árnason who works as a guide at Kynnisferðir. "People are so grateful when they see the northern lights for the first time. They are one of the world's greatest wonders and one of the experiences you'll always remember." 

Árnason says that 25 coaches from Kynnisferðir left from Reykjavík last night to various locations in south Iceland. "The weather has been really bad lately and skies have been cloudy so we haven't been able to go on many northern lights tours."

The accompanying photographs were taken on the Kynnisferðir tour last night and show travellers to Iceland astounded by the display of light. 




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