From Jesus to Liverpool

Icelandic photographer, Jónína G. Óskarsdóttir, has hit the headlines in the British media with a photograph of hers of Iceland’s famous Northern Lights. The swirling green shapes caught by Óskarsdóttir have been identified by some as a vision of the ‘liver bird’, the symbol of the city of Liverpool, UK, and of the city’s world-famous football team.

Photographer saw nothing

Last weekend, Óskarsdóttir took a great many pictures of the impressive Northern Lights display the clear weather treated us to. One of the pictures caught the eye of a friend of hers, who was the first to spot the resemblance between the light formations captured on film and the logo of Liverpool FC.

The photo has generated great interest among foreign media and especially among Liverpool supporters. The more superstitious among the team’s fan base interpreted the celestial sign as an omen ahead of their game against Manchester City. Liverpool did indeed win the match 2-1.

What will be seen next?

This is not the first time people have seen images in the Northern Lights. Just a few weeks ago, reported on the image of Christ the Redeemer being spotted in the skies above Iceland.




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