Boycott of Israeli goods

Einstök white ale and Einstök pale ale for sale in a US grocery store.

Einstök beer back in US shelves after Israel boycott issue

1 Oct 2015 Iceland's prime export beer, Einstök, has found its way back to shops in the US. Einstök was removed from shelves when the City of Reykjavik agreed to a proposal to boycott Israeli products, a decision later retracted.

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, leader of the Left Green party wants Icelandic customers to be able to decide for themselves if they want to support the economy of illegally occupied territories in Palestine.

Government urged to label Israeli goods from occupied territories

22 Sep 2015 Six MP's from the opposition have put forward a draft parliamentary solution to Parliament for the government to label the origin of products produced in occupied terrories of Palestine.

Israeli border police.

"City Council showed a great deal of courage"

22 Sep 2015 Last week's decision by the Reykjavik City Council to accept a proposal boycott Israeli goods was very controversial. Hundreds of emails from Israelis were received either threatening to boycott Icelandic goods or cancelling their trips to Iceland. Others applauded the initiative, and set up the Facebook page I stand with Iceland.

"I believe that this  matter was put forward with good intentions to emphasize the City Council's support of human rights," says Dagur B Eggertsson

"Has damaged both the cause and the majority"

21 Sep 2015 The decision to accept the proposal to boycott Israeli products at the Reykjavik City Council has damaged the council majority according to Mayor Dagur B.Eggertsson. His response to whether he will resign is that he thinks "that's a big suggestion" from the council opposition.

Mayor's "Lack of courage" criticized

19 Sep 2015 Members of the youth alliance of the Left Green party have strongly criticized Mayor Dagur B.Eggertsson's decision to withdraw the proposal to boycott Israeli goods. The alliance believes that accepting the proposal was a big step for human rights.

Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor of Reykjavik.

Reykjavik to retract Israel boycott decision

19 Sep 2015 The controversial decision by Reykjavik City Council to boycott Israeli products is to be retracted, according to Mayor of Reykjavik, Dagur B. Eggertsson.

Nordic Store in central Reykjavik which also has a large online store has received dozens of cancellations from outraged customers.

"No more Icelandic products"

18 Sep 2015 The owner of Nordic Store, which sells thousands of Icelandic products online to Europe and the US, has received dozens of emails from angry customers cancelling their orders due to the boycott of Israeli products by the City of Reykjavik. A bit of a misunderstanding as to what this boycott entails seems to be rife internationally.

The Israeli flag.

Calls to hit back with Iceland boycott

18 Sep 2015 In response to Reykjavik City Council’s recent decision to boycott Israeli products, the Israel support group StandWithUs has publicly called for a boycott of Iceland.

Reykjavik City Council.

Reykjavik “a volcano of hate”

17 Sep 2015 “A volcano of hate is currently exploding in Reykjavik’s city council building,” according to Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel Nachson, in reference to the city’s recent decision to boycott Israeli products.

Palestinians shout slogans in front of Israeli security forces who block a street leading to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, in the Muslim quarter in Jerusalem's Old City yesterday.

Reykjavik boycotts Israeli products

16 Sep 2015 The proposal made by City Councillor Björk Vilhelmsdóttir to boycott all products from Israel for the duration of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land was accepted at Reykjavik City Council yesterday with a majority of votes.

City Councillor Björk Vilhelmsdóttir's proposal will be discussed at a City Council meeting today.

Reykjavik to boycott Israeli products?

15 Sep 2015 City councilllor for the The Social Democratic Alliance, Björk Vilhelmsdóttir, has put forward a proposal for the City of Reykjavik to agree to boycot all products from Israel for the duration of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.




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