Einstök beer back in US shelves after Israel boycott issue

Iceland's prime export beer, Einstök, has found its way back to shops in the US. Einstök was removed from shelves when the City of Reykjavik agreed to a proposal to boycott Israeli products, a decision later retracted. 

Managing director of Einstök, Guðjón Guðmundsson confirmed earlier this month to mbl.is that a large grocery store on the east coast of the US had removed the beer from shelves. He added that he had enlisted the help of a representative from the Foreign Ministry in New York to help inform store owners about the details of the matter. He further added that he had received no further threats that the beer would be removed from stores and hope that the matter rests. 

Einstök is available in eleven states in the US and the Nordic countries are also a growing market. 

Einstök is also for sale at the Disney Epcot Centre and Hollywood studios. 

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