A polar bear in Skagafjörður in 2016.

Pattern in arrival of polar bears to Iceland

11 Jul 2018 "Polar bear used to arrive in Iceland when there was a lot of pack ice but now we seem to have entered a period of time when polar bears arrive when pack ice rapidly melts beneath them," says Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, geographer and professor at the University of Iceland speaking to mbl.is.

The polar bear which was reported in Hornstrandir, North West Iceland on May 2nd 2011.

Search for polar bear in North East Iceland called off

11 Jul 2018 The search for the polar bear that was reported on Monday in Melrakkaslétta is now officially over. The search was called off yesterday at 4.30 pm when the national coastguard helicopter after repeated flights across the area found nothing.

A polar bear eating a seal in Svalbard.

Polar bear sighting: "I saw something huge"

10 Jul 2018 "My friend screamed at us that there was a polar bear right in front of us and started to run," explains guide David Zehla to mbl.is. He was fishing with French friends when they spotted an animal that they believe to be a polar bear.

Alvaro Martin and Kristinn Arnbjörnsson arrived all the way from Kópasker to observe what's happening.

Polar bear hunt on in North Iceland

10 Jul 2018 A great number of people have arrived at Melrakkaslétta peninsula in North East Iceland after police received notification that a polar bear had been spotted in the northernmost part of the area.

A photo of a polar bear spotted in Skagafjörður, North Iceland in 2016. The polar bear was near a farm where children were playing. It was shot by local police.

National Coastguard helicopter on the lookout for polar bears in Iceland's West Fjords

14 Jun 2018 The pack ice that is reaching the West Fjords is bringing with it the danger of polar bears. TF-SYN, the National Coastguard helicopter has been dispatched to the area to look for possible polar bears who can of course be extremely dangerous.




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