Miklabraut, Reykjavík, offering unusually good driving conditions for student drivers.

Ideal Time to Practice Driving

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From last night's rescue operation.

Hidden Danger in the Highlands

22 Jan 2020 If you plan to drive in the central highlands in Iceland this winter, make sure you know of a hidden danger on the way, which could be life-threatening.

Akureyri Opposed to Studded Tires

22 Oct 2019 At this time of year, Icelanders never tire of talking tires.

A regular occurrance in South Iceland, cars spinning off the road due to ice or snow.

Police worried about tourists driving in South Iceland

14 Feb 2019 South Iceland is one of the most explored areas by tourists but local police are very worried about tourists driving in conditions they are not used to. This needs to be addressed, they say.

Tracks left by off-road driving in Grafarlönd on Monday.

All of us must help prevent off-road driving

22 Aug 2018 “All of us must help; we must systematically educate all tourists about the young, wild, special and delicate nature of Iceland.”

Horses in Mosfellsdalur valley. Tourists frequently stop their cars to take pictures of them, creating a traffic hazard.

Þingvellir Road is Safety Hazard

23 Jul 2018 The mayor of Mosfellsbær, a town just east of Reykjavík, agrees with the residents that action must be taken to improve traffic safety in Mosfellsdalur valley, where the road to Þingvellir national park lies.

The two vehicles, after getting stuck off road.

Off-Road Drivers Apologize

20 Jul 2018 The French couple who drove two 4x4s off road near Kerlingarfjöll mountains in the Icelandic highlands on Sunday, were fined a total of ISK 400,000 (USD 3,750, EUR 3,200).

The vehicles were driven off the road to avoid snow banks.

Off-Road Driving Leaves Wounds in Landscape

16 Jul 2018 The South Iceland Police Department received notice yesterday of two 4x4s, which had gotten stuck off road in the Icelandic highlands, near Loðmundur mountain, north of Kerlingarfjöll mountains.

Reykjanesbraut leads from Reykjavik to Keflavik International Airport.

Tourist fined for driving at 175 km per hour

6 Mar 2018 A tourist was fined yesterday for 112.500 ISK for speeding on Reykjanesbraut where the maximum speed is 90 km per hour.

Many tourists call when they are too afraid to keep driving.

Tourists call emergency number in snowstorms

16 Feb 2018 The emergency number in Iceland is 112 and calls from tourists to that number are increasing. Some people call when their vehicles are stuck in snow and others call when they are driving in a storm and are too afraid to continue.

Rescue teams working at Vesturlandsvegur this weekend.

Tourists can't be blamed for not checking weather forecasts if locals don't

13 Feb 2018 Over three hundred SAR team members were hard at work getting cars unstuck during the storms that hit Iceland this weekend. A great number of them were driven by tourists. Half of the problem, is however, Icelanders themselves.


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