New Year’s Day in Iceland

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The Oslo Tree in Austurvöllur square.

Lights Lit on Oslo Tree in Reykjavík

2 Dec 2019 Lights were lit on the Christmas tree on Austurvöllur square in Reykjavík yesterday.

The Lady of the Mountains this year was actress Aldís Amah Hamilton.

June 17th in Pictures

18 Jun 2019 Thousands of people took part in festivities all over the country yesterday, on the National Day of Iceland, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Iceland.

Today Is National Day of Iceland

17 Jun 2019 Today, the 17th of June, is the National Day of Iceland.

Parading on the First Day of Summer.

First Day of Summer - Summary

25 Apr 2019 Today is the First Day of Summer in Iceland.

The weather was ideal for a celebration.

National Costume Day in Pictures

8 Apr 2019 The annual peysufatadagur, or “national costume day,” was celebrated on Friday by Kvennaskólinn junior college in Reykjavík.

Icelandic Easter eggs are slightly different to the ones found in other parts of Europe or the US.

Icelandic Easter eggs- A guide

4 Mar 2018 Every supermarket you go to in Iceland right now is literally flooded with Easter eggs of all sizes in good time for Easter which is in one months time. An Icelandic Easter egg has a few quirks that make it different to other chocolate eggs.

Ash Wednesday is costume day for kids in Iceland.

Dress-up day for kids- Ash Wednesday in Iceland

14 Feb 2018 It's Ash Wednesday, a day where children in Iceland dress up in fancy-dress and go out to collect sweets. It's kind of like the Icelandic version of Halloween.

A typical cream bun or "bolla"

Today is Bun Day in Iceland!

12 Feb 2018 To mark the beginning of Lent, Icelanders celebrate with three days next week: Bolludagur on Monday, Sprengidagur on Tuesday and Öskudagur on Wednesday. Bolludagur, or bun day is a day to feast on cream-filled buns.

Eiríkur Kristófersson and Bjarni Valur Guðmundsson, with one of the missing sheep.

Farmers find lost sheep in middle of highlands

5 Jan 2018 Farmers from the Hrunamannahreppur district went on an expedition to the Kerlingarfjöll mountains in the highlands to find lost sheep. They found four sheep which have been outside all winter long.




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