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Today is First Day of Summer

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Eye-Catching Easter Eggs, Made of Wood

16 Apr Most of us are used to buying Easter eggs, made of chocolate.

Today Is National Day of Iceland

17 Jun 2021 Today is the National Day of Iceland, celebrated to commemorate the foundation of the Republic of Iceland on June 17, 1944.

Enjoying summer to the fullest.

Celebrating Summer at the Pool

24 Apr 2021 Thursday was the First Day of Summer in Iceland.

From a New Year's Eve bonfire.

Bright Idea to Visit Iceland in Darkness of Winter

5 Dec 2019 Increasingly, tourists find it a bright idea to visit Iceland during the darkest days of winter.

Torches were lit in Vestmannaeyjar.

Merchants’ Weekend in Pictures

6 Aug 2019 For the most part, the biggest travel weekend of the year, Merchants’ Weekend, went well in Iceland.

From last year's Þjóðhátíð.

Weekend’s Largest Festival Underway

2 Aug 2019 Preparations are underway in Vestmannaeyjar islands for Þjóðhátíð, which has long been Iceland’s largest Merchants’ Weekend festival.

The Lady of the Mountains this year was actress Aldís Amah Hamilton.

June 17th in Pictures

18 Jun 2019 Thousands of people took part in festivities all over the country yesterday, on the National Day of Iceland, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Iceland.

Today Is National Day of Iceland

17 Jun 2019 Today, the 17th of June, is the National Day of Iceland.

The rally in Reykjavík was very well attended.

May 1 in Pictures

2 May 2019 International Workers’ Day was celebrated with rallies all over Iceland yesterday.

Parading on the First Day of Summer.

First Day of Summer - Summary

25 Apr 2019 Today is the First Day of Summer in Iceland.

These trendy "bollur" are filled with things like toblerone, strawberries and champagne and licorice- star anise.

Today is bun day in Iceland!

27 Feb 2017 To mark the beginning of Lent, Icelanders celebrate with three days next week: Bolludagur on Monday, Sprengidagur on Tuesday and Öskudagur on Wednesday. Bolludagur, or bun day is a day to feast on cream-filled buns.


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