The ferry Herjólfur in Landeyjahöfn harbor. Vestmannaeyjar islands in the background.

Islanders Delighted as Harbor Opens

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Örn Hilmisson didn't let losing an arm get him down.

One armed puffin catcher in Westman Islands

15 Jan 2019 Örn Hilmisson lost his left arm in a fishing boat accident some twenty years ago. He didn't let this setback disturb his normal routine.

A white whale, or Beluga whale,  is a small  Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean.

Whale sanctuary in Westman Islands to open

2 May 2018 Construction of a whale sanctuary and museum in the Westman Islands has begun by company Merlin Entertaintments. Two white whales will occupy whale pens at the harbourfront.

Slippurinn restaurant and the new wave of cooking coming from Iceland

24 Jan 2018 The Slow Food association has published an interview with Icelandic wunderkind chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson. He's the founder of the critically acclaimed restaurant Slippurinn in the Westman Islands and also runs a small restaurant, Skál, at Hlemmur Mathöll, the food hall in Reykjavik.

If the project goes through, this will not be the first time the Westman Islands have hosted a whale.

A possible whale sanctuary in Iceland’s Westman Islands

15 Jun 2017 A group of people is now working on putting up a whale sanctuary in Iceland’s Westman Islands. The Idea is to receive three beluga whales from an amusement park in China.

The lighthouse is surrounded by open water and is precariously perched on a cliff.

Incredible location for a lighthouse perched on a rock in Iceland's wild surf

15 May 2017 A photograph taken by Morgunblaðið photographer Árni Sæberg of the Þrídrangaviti lighthouse in 2009 has now become viral thanks to Justin Bieber of all people.

Owners and staff of the Brothers Breerry from left to right: Hlynur Vídó Ólafsson, Hannes Kristinn Eiríksson, Kjartan Vídó Ólafsson and Jóhann Ólafur Guðmundsson.

No drunk people allowed at new pub in Iceland's Westman Islands

26 Apr 2017 Recently a new brewery called The Brothers Brewery opened in Iceland's Westman Islands. The Brothers Brewery has been producing and selling beer to locals since the beginning of 2016 and with the new pub, the owners want to offer a place where guests can enjoy a good beer in a quiet atmosphere.

The puffin resides in cliffs all over Iceland and feeds on small fish.

First puffins of the summer spotted in the Westman Islands

18 Apr 2017 First puffins of the summer have arrived in the Westman Islands. They were first spotted in the sea by the islands on Easter Sunday, and later in the evening they arrived at shore.

The biggest island is called Heimaey.

15 things to see and do in Westman Islands

26 Mar 2017 The Westman Islands are a stunning place to visit, with beautiful nature steeped in history and culture. There is even a local brewery and it’s home to one of the highest rated restaurants in Iceland.

Annual research mission on Iceland's disappearing puffins begins

22 Jun 2016 The Westman Islands are the site of one of Iceland's three main puffin colonies. The majority of the world's population of puffins breeds in Iceland but the past decade has seen a significant decline.




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