No drunk people allowed at new pub in Iceland's Westman Islands

Owners and staff of the Brothers Breerry from left to …

Owners and staff of the Brothers Breerry from left to right: Hlynur Vídó Ólafsson, Hannes Kristinn Eiríksson, Kjartan Vídó Ólafsson and Jóhann Ólafur Guðmundsson. Photo/Ólafur Einar Lárusson

Recently a new brewery called The Brothers Brewery opened in Iceland's Westman Islands. The Brothers Brewery has been producing and selling beer to locals since the beginning of 2016 and with the new pub, the owners want to offer a place where guests can enjoy a good beer in a quiet atmosphere.

"By opening this pub we wanted islanders to have a spot where they can sit down in a relaxed atmosphere. Guests should be able to converse without having to shout.  Although we sell alcohol we don't want a lot of rowdiness or noise. Our guests have respected this and that's great," says sales and marketing manager Kjartan Vídó.

The Brothers Brewery in the Westman Islands.

The Brothers Brewery in the Westman Islands. Photo/The Brothers Brewery

Over thirty types of beer are available at The Brothers Brewery, ten beers on tap and six of those are our their own brew.  The pub also offers wine and stronger alcohol and a selection of bottled beer.  One of their cocktails, called Lakkrísrörið, or the licorice straw has enjoyed great popularity. The cocktail is reminiscent of earlier times in Iceland when drinking bottled Coca Cola with a licorice straw was extremely popular. It's made with gin, licorice syrup and a licorice straw of course.

Girnilegur ginkokteill með lakkrísröri.

Girnilegur ginkokteill með lakkrísröri. Ljósmynd/The Brothers Brewery




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