A stranded boat, near Hvammstangi, Northwest Iceland, last spring.

Boats Strand While Captains Sleep

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Minister of Tourism Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, officially launching the new map.

New Map Improves Tourist Safety

28 Nov 2019 Safetravel.is, the official source for safe travel in Iceland, has introduced a new map of travel conditions which combines what used to be three maps in one.

From Reynisfjara beach.

Safety on Reynisfjara Beach to Be Improved 

18 Nov 2019 Measures intended to improve safety on Reynisfjara Beach, South Iceland, were introduced at a government meeting Friday.

Austurbæjarskóli grade school.

Can Icelandic Schools Remain Open to All?

25 Sep 2019 Reports in the media yesterday of a man having entered a grade school in Reykjavík, lured a nine-year-old girl into a room and groped her before she managed to escape, have opened a debate on whether Icelandic school buildings can remain as open and accessible as they always have been.

Silfra is a popular tourist attraction.

Silfra Could Receive up to 76,000 a Year

5 Jun 2019 Silfra fissure at Þingvellir National Park appears not to have reached capacity yet, in terms of number of guests, a new report suggests.

Horses in Mosfellsdalur valley. Tourists frequently stop their cars to take pictures of them, creating a traffic hazard.

Þingvellir Road is Safety Hazard

23 Jul 2018 The mayor of Mosfellsbær, a town just east of Reykjavík, agrees with the residents that action must be taken to improve traffic safety in Mosfellsdalur valley, where the road to Þingvellir national park lies.

Cars stopped along a snowy, icy highway.

Tourists park in middle of Iceland highways - "accidents waiting to happen"

1 Feb 2017 A video was shared on a tour operator Facebook site last weekend showing tourists stopping cars on the highway to look at horses or other sights.

Irresponsible tourists iceberg-hopping in Iceland.

Iceland spoilt by a***holes – apparently!

17 Mar 2016 Iceland has the dubious honour of making onto cracked.com’s list of ‘6 Famous Places That A-Holes Have Made Intolerable To Visit’.




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