Tourists park in middle of Iceland highways - "accidents waiting to happen"

Cars stopped along a snowy, icy highway.

Cars stopped along a snowy, icy highway. Screenshot/Facebook

 A video was shared on a tour operator Facebook site last weekend showing tourists stopping cars on the highway to look at horses or other sights. 

"This is very dangerous and could cause grave accidents," said Unnur Már Sigurbjörnsson who shared the video. "It's vital to get this information across."

The video has caused quite a stir and everyone commenting agrees that tourists have to be warned of the dangers of stopping on a highway and that more and more cars are seen parked on the side of the road or on the actual highway. 

"People stop all over the place. Next to every stream or waterfall. It's happening all across the country."

Here is the same video with a warning in English. 




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