Iceland spoilt by a***holes – apparently!

Irresponsible tourists iceberg-hopping in Iceland.

Irresponsible tourists iceberg-hopping in Iceland. Photo: Gylfi Blöndal

Iceland has the dubious honour of making onto’s list of ‘6 Famous Places That A-Holes Have Made Intolerable To Visit’.

Keeping company with tourists getting naked at Cambodian temples and people using Berlin’s Holocaust memorial for their dating-app profile pictures are “ill-prepared tourists who keep trying to explore Iceland and nearly freezing to death”. identifies people who “keep driving past obvious ‘road closed’ signs and end up recreating the end of The Shining in their cars” and “the fools who try hiking in sneakers and hot pants or try fording fast-flowing rivers or go off-roading” as making Iceland particularly intolerable.

They point out that ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, had to make 214 rescues last year – many involving tourists – and say they cannot blame some Icelanders for wanting restrictions in tourist numbers.

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