Iceland Has Lowest Poverty Rate Among OECD Countries

19 Oct 2021 Iceland has the lowest poverty rate among OECD’s 38 member countries.

More Nurses Needed in Iceland: OECD’s Numbers Disputed

2 Sep 2021 In a statement posted on its website yesterday, the Icelandic Nurses’ Association disputes figures provided by OECD in a recent study.

High Ratio of Doctors and Nurses in Iceland

1 Sep 2021 A new OECD study, including 32 countries, shows that Iceland ranks third in terms of the number of physicians and nurses per 1,000 inhabitants.

Icelanders Smoke Less than Most

8 Nov 2019 A new report by OECD on preventable diseases, Health at a Glance, reveals that among OECD countries, Iceland and Mexico are the countries where the rate of those who smoke is the lowest.




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