Naked Man in Box


Video: Watch naked artist find freedom again- outside the box

7 Dec 2015 There was quite a media circus surrounding art student Almar Atlason this morning when he emerged from his transparent box at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. During his one week stay in the box he's vomited, masturbated and received a death threat to only name a few things.

Almar has come out of his box, seemingly none the worse for wear. His art concept was the most viewed live stream on YouTube in Iceland last week.

Naked art student finally released from his box

7 Dec 2015 Man of the moment, art student Almar Atlason whose naked week spent in a box at the Iceland Academy of Arts seems to have unveiled the true nature of Icelanders. Almar kicked open his box at nine am this morning and hugged his wife, laughed and smiled.

Almar's perfomance art is seemingly getting a lot of people upset.

Naked artist receives death threat

4 Dec 2015 According to sources, the Iceland Academy of the Arts received a death threat this morning against Almar Atlason, the naked art student spending the week in a box. The matter has been reported to the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police.

After four days in the box, it seems Almar has become ill.

Naked artist in box throws up

4 Dec 2015 Almar Atlason, the artist who is spending a week naked in a transparent box with the whole week in direct YouTube broadcast and made headlines for masturbating last night, has now seemingly become sick and has vomited.

Naked box artist masturbates live on YouTube

4 Dec 2015 A nation wakes up to the news that an Icelander has masturbated on live television for the first time ever – but is it art?


Naked man in box: Day Two

1 Dec 2015 Art student Almar, whose installation piece of residing naked in a transparent box at the Iceland Academy of the Arts for a week raised more than a few eyebrows yesterday with the ubiquitous outcry of:is it art? Our videographer came to check up on Almar today during the storm to see how he was doing.


Art student to spend one week naked inside a box

30 Nov 2015 Art student Almar Atlason at the Iceland Institute of Arts just closed himself in a box where he will be living for the next week. We caught up with him this morning as he was enjoying his last cigarette before stripping off for his "experiment."


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