Art student to spend one week naked inside a box

Art student Almar Atlason at the Iceland Institute of Arts just closed himself in a box where he will be living for the next week. We caught up with him this morning as he was enjoying his last cigarette before stripping off for his "experiment."

"I think it‘s basically just something cool," explains Atlason whose box experiment is part of a final assignement in his course on methods and solutions.

"On many levels. It‘s an experiment. It‘s a bit weird being 23 years old and never having been alone for a week."

Atlason has two flaps on the box but has not made any plans as to how he will eat or go to the toilet but will be relying on the help of random people. "It's total lack of control," he explains. 

You can watch his progress via a live stream on YouTube HERE. 

Since this morning, Almar has received offerings of loo paper and a bottle of water into his box, and has defecated into a plastic bag. 




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