Naked man in box: Day Two

Art student Almar, whose installation piece of residing naked in a transparent box at the Iceland Academy of the Arts for a week raised more than a few eyebrows yesterday with the ubiquitous outcry of:is it art? Our videographer came to check up on Almar today during the storm to see how he was doing. 

Almar, whose stay in the box is broadcasted live on YouTube,  was really pleased to be paid a visit today as things had been pretty quiet due to the bad weather. He's hoarded a number of things in his transparent box (which contains two opening flaps so that he can receive and deposit things). 

He's also the subject of a new Twitter hashtag in Iceland: #nakinníkassa (naked in a box). 

It's Almar's digestive tract however that's creating most of the stir as obviously he has to go to the toilet, which he has done by using plastic bags provided by passers by. 

Almar has also been reading, painting, drinking tea, receiving visitors and sleeping, all part of his boxed up current life. 

Watch the live broadcast of Almar in the box HERE. 

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