Icelandic skyr

'Skyr' by Arla is now illegal in Finland.

Finland bans Swedish ‘skyr’

7 Oct 2015 Swedish dairy giant Arla has been banned from marketing or selling products marked ‘skyr’ in Finland. Any violations of this ruling are punishable be a fine of €500,000 (approx. ISK 71 million).

Skyr Finland.

Finns fans of Icelandic skyr

28 Sep 2015 Iceland’s famous skyr was first sold in Finland five years ago. Today, twice as much skyr is sold in Finland than in its home country of Iceland.

EU deal brings skyr to UK

21 Sep 2015 Skyr is a traditional low-fat cultured Icelandic yoghurt product and is a hit with locals and visitors alike.


Skyr takes revenge!

29 May 2015 Icelandic dairy company MS has just brought out an amusing new advert where a talking Icelandic tub of Skyr tries to make conversation with a non-Icelandic speaking tub of Arla skyr. This is a light-hearted form of revenge for the Icelandic company which is unhappy with Arla marketing their skyr as Icelandic.

Arla has put skyr on the British market. Their skyr, however is not made in Iceland.

Furious Icelanders: Leave our skyr alone!

8 May 2015 Discussions are heated on the Facebook page of Swedish dairy company Arla where dozens of Icelanders defend their national product: skyr. Yesterday we published a story that Arla is claiming to make real Icelandic skyr and to have branch in Höfn in east Iceland. Arla has no branches in Iceland and their "skyr" is not for sale in Iceland.

A dialogue on Arla's Facebook page. Arla claim to be located in Höfn, east Iceland and promise  that they are selling Icelandic skyr.

A fake skyr scandal in the making?

7 May 2015 Swedish company Arla, who make "skyr" which is manufactured in Germany with an advertising campaign shot on location in Iceland, are claiming that the product is Icelandic. Arla, who are selling their skyr product on the British market engaged in a bizarre converstation on their Facebook page claiming to be a company located in Höfn, east Iceland.

A new ad made by True North beautifully portrays the 60's in a small Icelandic town.

Ad for skyr set in 1960's Iceland

20 Apr 2015 Truenorth recently serviced this commercial for Arla Skyr, directed by Dougal Wilson at Blink Productions. It portrays Iceland in the 1960's and promotes skyr, one of Iceland's best loved dairy products, in the UK version from Arla, available in a variety of flavours including honey and nordic sour cherry.

Sales of skyr in Nordic countries have rocketed.

Skyr sales abroad boost profits

7 Mar 2015 MS Iceland Dairies posted profits of ISK 322 million (approx. €2.2 million) in 2014, up a third on the previous year. These improved figures are thanks to MS’ success abroad and the profit generated from manufacturing and licensing Iceland’s famous skyr.

Skyr is a delicious low-fat and high-protein dairy product.

Skyr is the new yoghurt

28 Oct 2014 How do New Yorkers prefer their yoghurt? Icelandic of course! According to a recent taste test in The Huffington Post, Icelandic skyr ranked higher than all-time New York favourite Greek yoghurt.




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