Skyr is the new yoghurt

How do New Yorkers prefer their yoghurt? Icelandic of course! According to a recent taste test in The Huffington Post, Icelandic skyr ranked higher than all-time New York favourite Greek yoghurt. 

The Huffington Post states that "Icelandic yogurt is a high-protein, stick-to-the-spoon yogurt with a tang." However the "yoghurt" that the Huffington Post refers to is not actually yoghurt but a special dairy product called skyr (we have our yoghurts too). Skyr is a low-fat dairy product with a slightly sour dairy flavour but in recent years varieties such as vanilla, blueberry and passion fruit have been added to sweeten the flavour and make it not unlike yoghurt in taste. 

Read the article in the Huffington Post here. 


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