Iceland and COP21 Paris

PM: Climate change already visible in Iceland

1 Dec 2015 “It is my hope that Paris will bring us an agreement that will avert catastrophic climate change.”

The French President delivering a speech on the first day of COP 21.

Iceland at Paris climate conference

30 Nov 2015 Iceland’s Prime Minister is one of 140 heads of state attending COP21, the United Nations (UN) climate conference which got under way in Paris today.

Environment Minister Sigrún Magnúsdóttir, presenting the new plan.

Iceland announces climate change plan

25 Nov 2015 Iceland is committed to take part in joint efforts with the European Union (EU) and Norway to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 40% by 2030 (as compared to 1990 levels).

The Conference gets under way in Paris on 30 November.

Icelandic team to Paris climate conference

11 Nov 2015 The aim of the Conference is to sign a universal agreement on significantly reducing greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

Photo: AFP/Dimitar Dilkoff

Iceland should reduce CO2 emissions

4 Nov 2015 A youth environmentalist movement has set up a petition urging the government to commit to greater reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions, ahead of next month’s 2015 UN Climate Change Conference.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson PM.

Iceland to cut emissions by 40% – or not?

28 Sep 2015 A speech given by the Icelandic PM at Saturday’s UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York has generated some confusion as to Iceland’s future policy on the reduction of greenhouse gases.


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