December 2015 winter weather

Workmen putting up the tree a couple of weeks ago.

Christmas tree casualty of storm

9 Dec 2015 Reykjavik’s Christmas tree has been declared a write-off after the severe weather of the last few days.

Diddú - not just the name of a storm.

Storm Diddú has passed – but who is Diddú?

9 Dec 2015 The hashtag #Diddu immediately became popular among Icelandic tweeters as the storm approached and hit.

Photo: RAX

PHOTOS: Monday’s storm damage

9 Dec 2015 The strength of the winds seen in Iceland over the last couple of days, especially in southern parts, is clear from this selection of photos.

Photo: Styrmir

State of alert called off

8 Dec 2015 Iceland has now officially stepped down its alert level, which was raised to ‘hazard’ yesterday as a severe polar low hit Iceland causing weather havoc.

Photo: Halldór Sveinbjörnsson

Hazard alert lifted in South Iceland

8 Dec 2015 Alert levels are falling across the country as the severe weather system which lashed the country yesterday and through the night slowly passes.

The Beaufort scale describes wind speed in relation to observed conditions on sea and land.

Iceland sees double hurricane force winds

8 Dec 2015 The strongest wind measurement gathered during the severe weather system that hit Iceland last night was twice as strong as the criterion for hurricane-force winds.

Flugfélag Íslands hefur ákveðið að fresta öllu flugi fram á kvöld.

Roads still closed and flights cancelled

8 Dec 2015 Latest news on domestic flights, road closures and public transport.

Boats tossed about in Reykjavik harbour.

The storm in pictures

8 Dec 2015 Here are some of the telling images taken at various times and places yesterday evening.

ICE-SAR members at the scene in Grafarholt, Reykjavik, this evening.

Over 340 search and rescue calls

8 Dec 2015 Icelandic search and rescue teams responded to over 340 calls on Monday according to Landsbjörg Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR)


Storm in Reykjavik harbour: VIDEO

7 Dec 2015 Boats are in danger in the Reykjavik harbour due to the severe weather conditions and raging storm passing over Iceland this evening.

The team at the Civil Defence Authority in Reykjavík.

An armoured vehicle to the rescue

7 Dec 2015 An armoured vehicle is being dispatched to the Lambafell farm near Eyjafjöll in South Iceland in an attempt to rescue a man who is stuck in the area.

The team at the Civil Defence in Skógarhlíð, Reykjavik. The storm is now hitting the city full force.

Weather goes crazy in Reykjavik

7 Dec 2015 Rescue teams are now hard at work in the capital helping with shattered windows and loose objects flying about. Boats have slipped their moorings and roofs are blowing off houses. Wind speeds at Hólmsheiði have reached 28 m/s and the winds will be worsening still.

The power is off at Úlfarsfellsland, Reykjavik.

Reykjavik prepares for blackout

7 Dec 2015 The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police are now making preparations to tackle power cuts in the capital. Nearby Úlfarsfellsdalur is already without power and a spare electric supply station is being prepped to run instead.

Photo: Sigurgeir Sigurðsson

Some evening flight arrivals postponed

7 Dec 2015 The main road from Reykjavik to KEF has been closed and there are just a few tens of passengers waiting at the airport for a flight out of Iceland.

There's literally noone on the streets as people have thankfully followed weather warnings.

Reykjavik: Ghost town

7 Dec 2015 People have heeded weather warnings in the capital and there's not a soul in sight in the city. The storm is expected to hit Reykjavik full force at 9 pm.




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