By Skaftá river.

Glacial Flood in Skaftá River

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The river flow is back to normal.

Glacial outburst flood over says Iceland Met Office

9 Aug 2018 A scientist at the Iceland Met Office says that looking at measurements in the river Skaftá that the flow of water has returned to normal. The glacial outburst flood is therefore over.

The part of the no.1 road running through Eldhraun has reopened.

Road through Eldhraun reopens in wake of glacial flood

8 Aug 2018 The number one road through Eldhraun has reopened to traffic. This part of the highway was closed since Saturday due to flooding from the Skaftá river glacial outburst flood.

A bulldozer creating channels in the river to prevent the road and bridge from being destroyed.

Gas pollution (H2S) in Múlakvísl river

7 Aug 2018 Geothermal water is flowing into Múlakvísl from the Mýrdalsjökull ice-cap. People are advised to avoid the river due localised gas pollution (H2S) which can affect the respiratory system.

The glacial outburst flood in 2015 which caused a great deal of damage.

Uncertainty phase declared as Glacial outburst flood in Skaftá river begins

3 Aug 2018 The glacial outburst flood in the Skaftá river in South Iceland began earlier today. The state police department have declared an uncertainty phase.

The glacial outburst flood in the river Skaftá in 2015.

Travellers warned to avoid travel in Skaftárdalur due to imminent outburst flood

3 Aug 2018 GPS measurements from the eastern Skaftá cauldron on Vatnajökull show that the ice-shelf above the lake is lowering. This is an early sign of the onset of an outburst flood (jökulhlaup), which will affect the river Skaftá in southern Iceland.

A glacial river flood to start in next couple of days in Skaftá river

2 Aug 2018 Last night the Iceland Met Office observed signs that a glacial outburst flood is about to start in the Skaftá glacial river.




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