Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, MP for the Progressive Party.

Leading Republican and Democrat house members urge Iceland to back down on circumcision ban

13 Apr The leading Republican and Democrat on the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee have joined forces to urge Iceland to stand down from a proposed bill to ban circumcision. "Threats politely declined," says Icelandic MP Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir.

In the space of 48 hours, 422 doctors had signed the bill.

Icelandic doctors support ban on circumcision for boys

21 Feb Over 400 Icelandic doctors have signed a declaration of support for the bill against the circumcision of boys in Iceland except for particular medical reason. They believe that circumcision made without such reason go against the Declaration of Geneva made by doctors.

Brynjar Níelsson, MP for the Independence Party.

Circumcision of boys already punishable in Iceland?

20 Feb Brynjar Níelsson, high court lawyer and MP for the Independence Party points out on his Facebook page today that circumcision of boys is already punishable by law in Iceland. This comes in wake of the religious stir caused by a bill put forward by MP Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir of the Progressive Party recently to ban circumcision of boys.


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