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The green star shows where the earthquake occurred.

Large earthquake in Öræfajökull

9 Feb At just past five this morning an earthquake measuring 3.6 was detected in Öræfajökull. This is the largest quake measured over the past period of incertitude in the volcano.

The last eruption in Öræfajökull occured in 1727.

Earthquake in Öræfajökull last night

18 Jan An earthquake measuring 3.2 occurred at 02:14 AM in the North Eastern part of Öræfajökull volcano. There are no signs of an eruption according to the Iceland Met Office.

That tiny dot in the middle is the helicopter and the cauldron is beneath it.

New photos of the ice cauldron in Öræfajökull

7 Jan Haukur Harðarson, a pilot for Icelandic helicopter company Helo took the accompanying images of Öræfajökull and is new ice cauldron. "It's enormous," he says. On the photographs the proportions are clear with the helicopter tiny in comparison.


VIDEO: Clear changes to Öræfajökull volcano

14 Dec Renowned Morgunblaðið photographer Ragnar Axelsson has flown three times across Öræfajökull since the ice cauldron was first spotted in the caldera on November 17th. His photographs have been vital for scientists to make a 3D model of the glacier to help them see what IN earth is going on.

The ice cauldron has deepened some 2-3 metres in the space of two weeks.

Subsidence of Öræfajökull ice cauldron slowing down

12 Dec Scientists have studied new photographs of Öræfajökull taken yesterday and their findings show that the subsidence of the new ice cauldron is slowing down which points to good news; that the volcano is not about to blow, at least not just yet.

Frá Öræfajökli.

Öræfajökull to be photographed today for further research

11 Dec Experts will be on board a plane flying over Öræfajökull today to assess the situation. The ice cauldron in the caldera is constantly deepening and crevasses are forming around it.

Ice cauldron in Öræfajökull caldera keeps deepening

7 Dec The ice cauldron in the Öræfajökull caldera continues to deepen and become larger as geothermal heat increases. This is shown by new measurements in the ice cauldron and these findings were presented at a meeting of the science unit of the Icelandic Civil Protection today.

The last eruption in Öræfajökull occurred in 1727.

Öræfajökull caldera has deepened considerably

7 Dec Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson says that the situation at Öræfajökull volcano is "Far from normal." There's still geothermal heat in the area and the ice cauldron in the caldera has deepened by some 20 metres.

In case of an eruption, people are instructed to head directly to one of the three assembly points: Svínafell 1, Hof 1, or Hnappavellir 2 and wait further instructions.

Emergency evacuation plan for Öræfajökull volcano

22 Nov An evacuation plan for the Öræfajökull volcano has been published in light of increased activity in recent days.

An image taken of Öræfajökull last weekend.

Öræfajökull volcano: Emergency evacuation plan presented today

22 Nov An emergency evacuation plan will be issued today in case of an eruption in Öræfajökull.

A photograph taken by the  SENITEL-1 satellite yesterday morning, November 20th showing the fissures that have been formed in the Öræfajökull cauldera.

Öræfajökull observed from space

21 Nov The European Space Agency (ESA) satellite has been photographing the surface of Öræfajökull from space and in the images, developments are clearly visible.

How to pronounce Öræfajökull

20 Nov While there are still no signs of an iminent eruption, Öræfajökull is under close surveillance. In the event of an eruption it might be useful to learn to pronounce the name of the volcano, which is a little less of a tongue-twister than Eyjafjallajökull.

A photograph taken of Öræfajökull this morning.

Experts meet about Öræfajökull today

20 Nov Geologists, volcanologistis and the Civil Protection in Iceland are meeting today to assess the situation at Öræfajökull where there have been signs of unrest. The aviation code for the area is still yellow.

Öræfajökull glacier.

Uncertainty about course of events at Öræfajökull volcano

19 Nov Although it's clear that there's a lot of geothermal heat underneath the Öræfajökull cauldron there are no signs of an iminent eruption. Scientists are however, uncertain as to what exactly is going on.

The new caldera can be seen clearly on this image.

Yellow alert put up for Öræfajökull volcano

18 Nov A new caldera, measuring a diameter of one kilometres has been formed in this last week in Öræfajökull glacier, a caldera spotted via satellite images of the glacier.


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