The superyachts, seen from the Sun Voyager last night.

Two Superyachts Mooring Near Reykjavík

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Among the world's largest.

Akureyri’s ‘Eruption’ Valued at USD 500 Million: Video

29 Apr 2021 “This is our eruption,” states Pétur Ólafsson.

A magical moment on the sailboat.

Sailing and Running: New Kind of Adventure

2 Jun 2019 A new kind of trips has gained attention lately for combining sailing and running.

Sigurður Jónsson the sailor is called Búbbi.

Nature sailing in the high north

5 Nov 2017 Sigurður Jónsson, also known as Búbbi from Ísafjörður, treats the clients on his schooner like good guests and travelling companions as he shows them the magnificent Icelandic nature from the point of view of the sailor that he is.

Scooner the Opal can be seen here in the middle of the astonishing iceberg.

Stunning iceberg spotted in Greenland waters

8 Sep 2017 journalist Hafþór Hreiðarsson took a week-long sailing trip on Icelandic scooner the Opal, operated by North Sailing last week.

Fred and Frédo at Reykjavik harbour.

A life full of freedom

25 Sep 2016 French couple Fred and Frédo Jougla are visiting Iceland for the fourth time and intend to spend the winter here. Anyone wishing to join them next spring can sign up online.




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