Stunning iceberg spotted in Greenland waters

Scooner the Opal can be seen here in the middle …

Scooner the Opal can be seen here in the middle of the astonishing iceberg.þór Hreiðarsson journalist Hafþór Hreiðarsson took a week-long sailing trip on Icelandic scooner the Opal, operated by North Sailing last week.

The group spotted a huge iceberg at the Scoresby sound , Greenland's largest fjord. "It was at the mouth of the Gæsafjörður fjord. There were people aboard from Iceland, the US, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. We were really impressed," says Hreiðarsson. The iceberg measured some 60-70 metres above sealevel. 

Built at the Bodenwerft in Damgarten, Germany in 1951, the Opal served as a trawler in the Baltic- and North Sea and in the Barents Sea. In 1973 new owners started her restoration. During 8 years until 1981, Opal was converted to the elegant but seaworthy, two masted schooner she is today. She has sailed all over the world, completing several trans-Atlantic crossings, being carefully maintained through the years. Opal has remained with the same owners, until becoming part of North Sailing´s fleet in early 2013. She has undergone restoration and had interior work done to better fit her for the new purpose as an expedition ship.

Opal in front of the gigantic iceberg.

Opal in front of the gigantic iceberg.þór Hreiðarsson


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