The capital of elves, East Iceland, illuminated by candle lights.

Amazing Atmosphere in Company of Elves

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The exhibition on ogresses who eat men is illustrated by Sunneva Guðrún Þórðardóttir.

Cannibalism in Icelandic folktales investigated

13 Sep 2018 Anthropologist Dagrún Ósk Jónsdóttir has had a close look at cannibalism in Icelandic folk tales and is opening an exhibition called Skessur sem éta karla (ogresses who eat men) at the national library at Spöngin in Grafarvogur, Reykjavik. In most Icelandic folk tales the people who eat others are women and the victims are men.

Midnight in Reykjavik last year on Midsummer's Night.

Bathe in dew on Midsummer's Night in Iceland

23 Jun 2018 Jónsmessa, or Midsummer's Night is celebrated on June 24th and is shrouded in a mysterious veil of folklore.

Icelandic musician Snorri Helgason's soulful and haunting melodies can be heard at Hlemmur Square tonight.

Icelandic folk music at Hlemmur Square tonight

7 Feb 2018 Acclaimed Icelandic musician Snorri Helgason will be playing his new collection of folk songs based on Icelandic folklore at Hlemmur Square tonight. Admission is free.

Kristín Steinsdóttir next to the memorial for Dísa, the famous ghost of Seyðisfjörður.

"There's a person behind every ghost"

27 Aug 2017 Icelandic author Kristín Steinsdóttir came up with the idea of a memorial for Þórdís Þorgeirsdóttir, a woman who was killed in an East Iceland fjord in 1797 because she was thought to be a ghost.

The Lake Valley, or Vatnsdalur in North Iceland is a lush green area perfect for dew-bathing.

Roll in dew covered grass tonight according to Icelandic folklore

21 Jun 2017 Jónsmessa, or Midsummer's Night is celebrated on June 24th and is shrouded in a mysterious veil of folklore. However, the real midsummer's night is actually today, on June 21st, the longest day of the year when the sun never sets in Iceland.

Golden plover is one of Iceland's most beloved birds, featuring in numbers of songs and folk tales.

Spring has arrived in Iceland, according to folklore

27 Mar 2017 The first golden plover of the year has been spotted in South Iceland. The plover is a migrating and according to folklore, this means that spring has arrived in Iceland.

Snæfellsjökull glacier has always been reputed as a place of great magic and power.

Belief in elves very strong in West Iceland

6 Jun 2016 The municipality of Snæfellnes is collecting documentation and stories about places where elves are believed to reside because of a review of the Snæfellsbær municipal land-use plan. The locals hold a strong belief in the hidden people.

A photo taken on April 22nd this year shows a rock which is supposedly an elvin palace.

Do the elves in Iceland actually exist?

13 May 2016 AFP have just run a story investigating the Icelandic belief in elves. Anthropologist Magnús Skarphéðinsson, who has spent decades collecting witness accounts is interviewed by AFP on the existance of elves in Iceland.


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