Pieces from the wreck on Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

Glacier Returns Fragments of Flying Fortress

19 Sep 2020 Debris from an American B-17 Flying Fortress bomber that crashed into Eyjafjallajökull glacier during World War II is gradually coming to light as the glacier recedes.

A view toward the northeast, over Langjökull glacier. The center of the photo shows where the flash flood occurred.

Flash Flood from Langjökull Causes Concern

21 Aug 2020 A flash flood from Langjökull glacier took place Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

Scientist traveled to the Grímsvötn area by helicopter.

No Glacial Outburst Flood, But Grímsvötn ‘Ready for Eruption’

17 Aug 2020 Data suggesting an imminent glacial outburst flood (jökulhlaup) over the weekend in Grímsvötn, Vatnajökull glacier, turned out to be a false warning.

Part of the group of 39, waiting for rescue workers.

‘We Pray this does not Happen Again’

30 Jan 2020 “[We] pray this does not happen again,” state David and Gail Wilson, an Australian couple, who three years ago were left stranded for hours on Langjökull glacier.




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